Solid Gray carpet


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with Iris Collection carpet, no restriction in the space should not trouble you ..! Madi Homeware & Quot’s Monochrome Carpets Collection; Feels Like Home & Quot, can be cut exactly to the measures you want to fit perfectly on your site. With Iris Collection, you can get gray, beige or coffee monochrome carpets with 205,000 points and 1.8 kg per square meter while maintaining the gentle feeling in the frieze thread used. The height of the pile is 8mm sitting down Iris Collection ideal for all seasons. Find Iris Collection Carpets in the officially collaborating natural and online stores.
& quot; a room should never allow the Eye to Settle in One Place. IT SHOULD SMILE AT YOU AND CREATE FANTASY. & Quot;



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133 x 190 εκ., 160 x 230 εκ., 200 x 250 εκ., 200 x 280 εκ., Σετ Κρεβατοκάμαρας (70 x 140 (2) + 70 x 230 εκ.), Στρόγγυλο χαλί 150 εκ.