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The Kids Collection of Madi Homeware & Quot; Feels Like Home & Quot; It is a series of children’s carpets specially configured to gain child imagination, creating endless hours of play. You can choose Favorite Your design through the Large Plan collection, while most designs are available in blue, pink and beige colors. Kids Collection carpets can be placed in the bedroom of smaller or older children ideally in winter since the height is 12 millimeters by increasing room temperature. All frieze threads available to Kids Collection are made based on polypropylene while weight per square meter is two pounds.
You can find the carpets of Kids Collection in the following dimensions: < / p>

  • 133×190 cm
    The 133×190 carpet dimension is ideal for covering small and limited spaces. The dimension 133×190 is most often selected for the bedroom, a smaller living room or living room.
  • 160×230 centimeters
    The 160×230 carpet dimension is ideal for covering most sites as it is the average solution between a small and large carpet!. Often, the 160×230 dimension is selected for the living room, the living room or the bedroom.
  • 200×250 centimeters
    The 200×250 carpet dimension covers larger places. Most of the time, The 200×250 is selected for the living room, living room or more bedroom.
  • 80×150 cm. The 80×150 dimension is ideal for covering small and limited areas where carpet placement is not feasible. 80×150 panties is recommended to cover internal corridors.
  • Corridor 80 cm
    The 80 cm corridor (in width) is ideal for covering spaces with increased width where carpet placement, however, is not feasible. The 80 cm corridor is recommended to be placed in indoor corridors in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

    every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you Grow Up ”